reviews + publicity

Stephen from Texas: “These guys are the real deal… world class espresso and coffee…Ali and Mark Drucker have created an inviting and relaxed space at the far end of Elk Avenue in CB.  The baked goods are also amazing, thanks to Chris Sullivan.  I can’t wait to get back to CB to visit First Ascent again.”

Teresa from Colorado: “Totally made with Organic love! I had the fig rosemary scone. Best scone I’ve ever had. Also very much loved was is the sourdough cinnamon roll with buttery icing.”

Jeannie from Vermont: “Bliss in a glass, set in paradise; what more could a home-sick kiwi hope for? One of the best coffees I’ve had since leaving NZ. The enthusiastic staff and baked treats are an added bonus, and the cafe itself is cute and comfortable – the perfect place to while away a rest day.”

Anna from New York: “This place is AMAZING!!! Everything is made from scratch in-house and is so delicious! They press their own almond and hazelnut milk – which made for a killer latte. I also tried the cold brew coffee which was perfection. The “toast bar” is a breakfast dream come true! Homemade bread of the day toasted and topped with your choice of spreads. I went for almond butter and peach preserves   – and immediately had to buy a jar of preserves and a loaf of “birdseed bread” to take home! I wish I could eat breakfast here everyday of my life. Super friendly staff inside and seriously 5 star bread and coffee!! Get yourself here as fast as you can!”

Tim from Colorado: “Went here two mornings and both days had their almond butter and banana toast. It was the PERFECT breakfast before a mountain bike ride. Healthy, hearty, and wouldn’t weigh me down. The bread was just fantastic.

Bill from New York: “The service is excellent, and just the like owners, the baristas take pride in their craft and are eager to answer any questions you might have. This isn’t like going to Starbucks- it’s a handcrafted moment, where every cup is made with expertise in order to bring out the flavor of that particular coffee.”

Tim: “We spent a weekend in CB and planned to go for a hike but caught a late spring snowstorm that turned the trails to mud. The cold & wet Saturday morning alternative was walking to the end of Elk where we came across this new cafe. It almost single-handedly turned a disappointing morning into a great day (the sun breaking through helped as well). I can’t recommend this place enough. Amazing coffee roasted onsite, an open kitchen bakery that makes you salivate and a cozy atmosphere that hints at artisanal without getting obnoxious.”