A video that explains it all

Thank you Monet and Ryan for visiting us during our first ever summer and making this beautiful video of our space and our products! We feel it explains this place better than words can. (Scroll down if you prefer the words.)

Artistry and Creation at the Top of Elk:

First Ascent logo

First Ascent roasts coffee onsite at their headquarters at The Guild Café and offers a variety of brewing methods, including a full espresso bar and single-origin SteamPunk siphon machines. With an emphasis on quality, we also press our own vegan nut milks, make our own chai concentrate, and provide a wide selection of organic teas.

First Ascent also provides wholesale coffee beans and a variety of drinks to sell at your shop or to cater your event. Please contact us to find out more!

mountain oven organic bakery logo

Also calling The Guild Café home, Mountain Oven uses local, organic ingredients to create an evolving breakfast and lunch menu, featuring pastries, sandwiches, and gluten-free options. For our baked goods, we stone-grind our own whole-grain flours and use a sourdough culture as a natural leavener for optimal nutrition and flavor. Our bread is hand-shaped, canvas proofed, baked on stones, and made with love.

Mountain Oven have a wide variety of wholesale products available for your events, such as lots of loaves of bread, catered three course meals, and wedding cakes! Have some other exciting ideas? We want to work with you to make your desires a reality.